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Donkey Amulet கழுதை தாயத்து

Donkey Amulet கழுதை தாயத்து

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Amulet or Talisman and have been used by people across the world belonging to different indigenous religions. These talismans consisting of donkey tail hair are believed in the Hindu religion to bring prosperity like wealth, good physical health and positive energy.  

Similarly, Zodiac signs also play an important role in the Hindu religious practices. It is believed that each individual person has orientation of such zodiac sign and also different animals. They are also called as karnams.  And “Thaithulai” karnam is one of those karnams that is attributed to the animal of donkey.   

Aindhinai Donkey Hair Amulet comes in different volumes in packets starting from 1 piece to 10 piece.


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