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Kullakar Traditional Rice

Kullakar Traditional Rice

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Why Aindhinai
  • Aindhinai farming maintains healthy soil
  • Aindhinai farming supports pollinators
  • Aindhinai products are often more nutrient rich
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Kullakkaar variety of traditional rice is recommended for the children as it contains vital growth boosting elements. The properties such as zinc, iron and a good number of antioxidants of Kullakkar helps remove bad LDL cholesterol to big extent.

Consumption of Aindhinai Kullakkaar rice generally strengthens the physical health. The fiber found in this rice variety gives feeling of fullness upon consumption and thus delays the process of digestion. The rice also boosts growth of brain. 

Hence for persons suffering from diabetes and obesity this Aindhinai Kullakkaar rice is a suitable staple grain. Similarly, it is also a much-preferred traditional rice for weight conscious people.

Health Benefits

1. Regulates Blood Pressure
2. Control Blood Sugar Levels
3. Weight Loss
4. Energizes Brain


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