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Cow Dung Sambrani Cups

Cow Dung Sambrani Cups

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Why Aindhinai
  • Aindhinai farming maintains healthy soil
  • Aindhinai farming supports pollinators
  • Aindhinai products are often more nutrient rich
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Cow Dung Sambrani Cups

Aindhinai is the collective term used in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature to refer to the five different landscapes namely Mullai, Kurinji, Marutham, Neithal and Paalai.  Mullai represented forest and its adjacent lands, Kurinji the hill ranges, Marutham the fertile alluvial lands, Neithal sea and the lands situated around it and Paalai the dry rain deficient regions respectively in that order. 

Aindhinai FPO is solely owned and managed by women farmers. These women farmers of  Aindhinai belong to those  divergent landscapes of the ancient Tamil country. Similarly, the produce and value-added products made by our women farmers are not only varied but also rich in positive energy. 

And these women farmers being producers themselves they completely eliminate the middlemen who were bane to the farmers to offer the best to the customers at reasonable prices. Quality   and reasonable pricing are the hallmarks of all the produce and products of Aindhinai which are made from the essence of nature.  As all farmers here are women and hence precision and motherly touch are found in each and every thing that is rolled out of Aindhinai.  

Features & Benefits:

1. Aromatic Sambrani packets from Aindhinai FPO are 100% organic.

2. Aindhinai Sambrani comes in the fragrances of Resin and Benzoin and suits one and all.

3. Aindhinai Sambrani is meant for all special occasions hence it is a best gift material.

4. Best accompaniment for spiritual exercises and meditations. 

5. Being totally organic Aindhinai Sambarani removes bad odor.

6. Emits extremely pleasant free toxic free scent.

Aindhinai  Sambrani emits positive energy and is yet another quality organic product from the Aindhinai Farmers Producer Company. From time immemorial Sambrani has been used for spiritual exercises and purposes of worship in many parts of the world. This apart traditionally Sambrani has been a much sought-after product for its healing properties, meditational and calming value. 

Sambrani also is known for its efficacy as a stress reducer and a sleep inducer apart from being a freshener of the surrounding air.

Each pack of Aindhinai Sambrani contains 24 cups and a fiber plate. 


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