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Eco Agri Volunteerism

It gives exposures on Eco- Agri environments at Aindhinai FPO farm campus and in the individual households of the dry and wet land farmers of surrounding villages.

Aindhinai Eco- Agri Volunteerism offers include local site seeing tours.

  • One day exposure at Aindhinai Livestock Farm.
  • Three day stay for hands on experience at Aindhinai Eco- Livestock Farming
  • Seven day Combo offer of Eco- Farming experience coupled with tours of the local sites of cultural and historical importance around Trichirapalli district.

It is time that we need to take a break from this monotony and life of artificiality. We need to relax ourselves in the lively environment of natural surroundings that provide us the food.

Be part of the natural surroundings and the life in the Village. This includes the rural folk and animals that form part of rural environment like Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Donkeys and Country chicken.

  • Relax your mind and body at Aindhinai Eco- Livestock Farming centre.
  • Have the feel of the tranquility of the Indian Village
  • Be in the midst of Farmers and farming community!
  • Be a farmer yourself, take cows, goats and donkeys out for grazing!
  • Quench their thirst!
  • Pluck leaves for the foraging herds of goats, sheep and donkeys!
  • Get exposed to the process of Value addition to wastes of livestock such as cosmetics made from the dung of Donkey .

Aindhinai FPO offers the unique experience by ensuring the feel of the ambience of rural households and day to day life of the farmers. This is made possible by the offer to participate in the Eco- Agri volunteerism of Aindhinai Farmers Producer Company (AFPC)

This exposure to livestock farming just as practiced by the local communities shall prove to be an exciting Cultural Exchange between the urban and rural folk who live in natural surroundings and engaged in traditional forms of livestock rearing and their day-today life style.

Why Eco- Agri Tourism ?

  • Right proportion of every one of the components of nature belonging to that particular Eco-system is necessary for the survival of the other.
  • And the depletion or absence of any of these would lead to ecological imbalance. This inter dependence of one natural element on the other keeps the world going.
  • Awareness on the impacts of the damage caused to the eco systems is being increasingly realized and concepts like Eco tourism have been gaining ground in recent years in a big way indeed
  • More in particular, agriculture and allied sectors play the most vital part in human survival. And agriculture and farming which are part of the various eco systems and have become part and parcel of the rural lives in India like all over the world.
  • But it is really pathetic that these are non existent one for a vast majority of the urban dwelling populations not to say about our children.
  • Especially, the serenity and peace of the rural life is completely missed and unknown by the adults and the children of the families who live in the concrete jungles of mega cities.
  • The modern day mechanical and sedentary style of living that is the root cause for almost all of the modern day maladies both physical and psychological.
  • Men, women and children all in the urban families remain glued to one electronic gadget or the other like television sets and smart phones most part of the time during the day. In fact tours and picnics do offer some break but these would only offer the visual enjoyment and experience of the natural settings of the places of visit.
  • And the feel of the lives of the local communities who form part of the eco systems would be absent in such tourisms. Though eco tourisms do give knowledge on natural surroundings of the places, experiencing the life style of the local communities especially the farmers would not be possible. Hence instead of mere tourism volunteerism shall be a wholesome experience.

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